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i’m going to try to be on this blog more, answering more questions (starting tomorrow because i have shit to do lol). i used to be a lot more active, and i miss that. i feel like these past few months i’ve been in a funk and i apologize. but i am done accepting the bullshit that comes with the territory of having a blog with lots of followers. this blog is a hobby and something that i enjoy in my downtime. when it doesn’t become fun for me anymore, i will turn off the ask. this means i don’t want you to send me fanmail, email, text submissions, kik messages (photo submissions are fine). if i ever do that again, though, i will answer what’s in my inbox first so normal people aren’t punished for something they didn’t do.

  • i am considering no longer answering text submissions/long ass emails (they’re basically the same since i email you back after you submit). i spend a lot of time doing so, and literally not one of you bothers to at least acknowledge you received it.
  • i will be spending more time on twitter because i’m annoying like that. you can follow it here.¬†i don’t have access to the former twitter that was linked on this blog, just fyi.
  • i think i will be doing days where i ask you guys questions- what having sex for the first time was like, your thoughts on sex ed, etc. depending on how lame you guys think it is lol, i’ll try to do it weekly or something like that.
  • i do not have enough time in my day to answer every single question, sorry. i don’t trust anyone else to care for this blog and yes, i am a control freak. there are some things i can’t answer, or shouldn’t answer, like what your boyfriend would like, what your sexuality is, etc. i don’t mind “is it normal” or “chance of pregnancy” questions, but i don’t want a ton of anonymous ones because it ALWAYS leads to five similar questions.
  • please, for the love of chocolate and everything else that is holy, make sure your question is clear. if you don’t speak english well or at all, that’s okay. try your best to ask in whatever way you feel comfortable, and i will attempt to answer you too. if you just put a statement, i have no idea if you want advice or if you just need to vent. if you just put.. “my boyfriend is really annoying. what should i do?” i don’t feel that i can help you out much because all i can say is to talk to him.
  • if you want a better chance of me answering your question, ask me not anonymously, email me, or send me a message on kik. i don’t understand what’s so hard about that. if i don’t know the answer, i will tell you that.
  • i don’t put up with minors trying to submit pictures to me, supreme shitheads that have nothing better to do with their time, or people that post rude ass commentary on photos/questions on here. you will be blocked.
  • some of you take this shit too seriously and are quick to insult/casually throw out death threats and it’s really alarming.
  • most of you are kind angels and i want to thank the people who put up with my constant bitch fits lately and offer to lend an ear. i definitely don’t think i am saving the planet or anything with my silly blog lol but i do like helping, even if it’s just to tell you that it’ll all be okay.
23 yo male virgin no ones every seen it so here it is


i get sexually frustrated just by looking at you

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