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You were
fucking me
touching me;

How could I not fall for that?

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I know that it's normal for some people to have nipples that aren't that sensitive. But I honestly can't feel ANYTHING when my boyfriend plays with them. I can't tell he's touching them. Is that a normal thing?
Asked by: Anonymous

yes. for some people, their nipples get more sensitive when they get them pierced so that’s something you could consider. you could also try something like this and see if that makes a difference. but otherwise, just focus on the parts of your body that do respond to his/your touch.

Hi, I have a relationship for 3 years, but now I don't want to have sex with my boyfriend, for almost 4 months we didn't had sex. He always want to, but I don't feel anything when he try to turn me on or foreplay. Also when I think or imagine sex with another boy it really turn me on and I feel bad for that. What can I do? You think that I have to break up with him? I am a bad girlfriend? and sorry for my english
Asked by: Anonymous

please let me know if you don’t understand something i say. i’ll try my best.

you can’t control it, but i don’t think it’s fair to you or your boyfriend to be thinking of someone else during sex. you’re not a bad person because of it and you’re not a bad girlfriend for not wanting sex. it sounds like the passion has gone away. if you’re just not attracted to him, you should probably end the relationship because that is important. if it’s that you’re bored, try the tips to spice up your sex life in the FAQ. physical attraction isn’t everything, but it is important and it wouldn’t be good for either of you to stay together if that’s no longer there.

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My boyfriend and I recently split up. He got his friend to dump me via Facebook inbox and pictures were put up of him almost kissing someone else. He told me the next day, he didn't ask his friend to do it, but I don't know if I should believe him or not. The last time we had sex, he asked if i wanted my friend to finish me off instead of him, which upset me white a lot. He was abusive, and very controlling, and I do still love him. I don't know what to do :/
Asked by: Anonymous

please don’t go back to him, love. i suspect that deep down, you already know that this relationship isn’t what’s best for you. the positive memories and the attachment you feel to him can be what keeps you coming back, but that doesn’t take away from his abusive behavior. you can and will do without him. you’ll thrive and be the person you’re meant to be without being controlled or manipulated or abused. you deserve that happiness that you’re not getting in this relationship. here is a great resource for abusive relationships.

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Hey, I've seen you give some really good advice and I love your blog and I just wanted to ask for your help. Me and my boyfriend of 6 months nearly are meeting up in two weeks, I know he is looking for something long term as am I but I know he is ready to move our intimacy to the next level which is basically having sex, I'm a firm believer of not having sex before marriage but he wants to and I feel bad for constantly saying no yet i dont want to give in to temptation what should I do?
Asked by: Anonymous

you need to tell him this, love, and let him know what your boundaries are. this shouldn’t be a surprise if this is something you discussed in the beginning of your relationship. if he continues to push the issue, he isn’t respecting your right to say no and i honestly would end the relationship for that. if he doesn’t want to wait, then you’ll know he’s not the person for you, as painful as that is. stick to what you feel is best for you and when you are ready to have sex, you won’t regret waiting.

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This is a weird question, but I had sex with this guy and he came so much like it could've been half a cup and the past guy I was with only a little came out, are both normal?
Asked by: Anonymous

yes, different guys will have different amounts. if he ejaculates frequently, he’ll probably have less ejaculate than someone who does it less often so that may have been why.