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Anonymous: Me and my boyfriend have been together and want to do things sexually, but he has a 'problem', tight foreskin? What can we do, before his problem is sorted?

he should see a doctor. they’ll probably have him do stretching exercises like using lubricant to stretch it a bit or doing so in the shower. they may prescribe a steroid cream. but because that can make sex painful, he needs to get it checked out.

Anonymous: I think I'm allergic to whatever is in condoms because whenever my boyfriend and I have sex with a condom my vagina hurts and the outside is all swollen and red! But a day after it's fine until we have sex again! We never used to use condoms because I was in bc but I stopped taking it and now this just started happening when we use condoms.

you should see an allergist. if you use spermicidal condoms, it’s possible that that’s what you’re allergic to. in the meantime, try non-latex options like polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms.

Anonymous: is it bad that it hurts whenever i try to finger myself?

that’s normal. it’s important that you’re relaxed, aroused, and well lubricated before doing it.

Anonymous: Do you show your self on here

nope! obviously, i have nothing against it, it’s just not my thing.

Anonymous: Is it safe to have sex with a yeast infection if you're using a condom and treating yourself for the infection.

it’s not really recommended because it may be painful. plus, depending on what you’re using to treat it, it can interfere with your treatment.

Anonymous: If you lose your virginity to another virgin does it mean that your always going to be special to them in some way?

not necessarily. they have to view sex and virginity as special, too, and not everyone sees it that way.