hi! this sunday im going to another country for a month or so my boyfriend was planning to sleepover on friday till saturday and i really really want to fuck but i got my period today, any suggestions on how to delay my period or not really let him down or wtv? i dont think he'd mind but im sure he'd be a bit sad or disappointed just like i am, you know?
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there’s nothing you can do about your period, love. i know it’s frustrating, but it’s not that big of a deal. you should just tell him now that you’ve gotten your period and decide what that means for this weekend. if you’re comfortable enough to have sex, go for it! if not, then you can pleasure each other in other ways. he might be disappointed, but he shouldn’t be super upset over it and please don’t allow it to ruin the sleepover you have planned. you’ll still be able to spend that time together before you leave, whether you want to have sex or not.

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so i was just wondering, do you think that most women (in the US) shave their pubic hair? I shave completely but i think that whatever someone decides to do is perfectly fine. But i just was wondering if it's more common to shave or not to shave. Thanks! Your blog is perfect, by the way! (: Ps. do you ever give out your personal blog?
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i think most women do still remove at least some of their hair and are expected to do so as well. but i agree, whatever someone wants to do is totally up to them!

thank you! i do for not anonymous people. i might put it back in the FAQ eventually, just not right now. you aren’t missing much don’t worry lol.

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I'm starting college this spring and I'm really fucking excited to be doing something with my life but I'm even more excited that I'm gonna meet so many potential fuckbuddies. Just felt like getting that off my chest, carry on
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Hi, I'm a virgin but I've masturbated with a dildo before, so I don't think it will hurt when I have sex with someone. Should I still tell that person I'm a virgin or would it matter? Tbh I don't really want to tell him, when the time comes.
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i don’t think it really matters. the only reason why you might want to tell him is because it may put you more at ease so that you know he’ll go slowly if needed. but you could play it by ear, communicate with him if you’re uncomfortable, and try to have lubricant on hand just in case. the decision to tell him is completely up to you.

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I'm a 26 yr old male. And a virgin. I've never been in any kind of relationship, and that's not by my choice. People keep saying that I'll 'find someone' but I'm not waiting for Ms Right. I want experience, I want some kind of intimacy even if it's fleeting. I don't know what to do and I feel so bitter.
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i can understand why you’d feel bitter, especially if you’re feeling surrounded by people in happy relationships. but a relationship and an active sex life doesn’t determine your worth and the lack of those things doesn’t take away from your achievements in life. feel proud of your education, career, charity work, traveling, devotion to family/friends. try putting yourself out there - volunteer, join a gym, take a class, get involved in your community, scope out clubs/bars if that’s your scene, or even give online dating a try. you might not meet someone right away and that’s okay. it hasn’t happened for you yet, but try not to take it as meaning that there’s something wrong with you. that’s just the way it is. you’ll get there when the time and person is right, whether it’s the relationship that lasts for the rest of your life or not.

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Today, for the first time in 5 years, I felt well in my body. I dont know why. I've been working out and stuff but yeah. I'ven been through eating disorders, self harming and this stuff. And all of a sudden I looked in the mirror and thought: damn girl, you look good. This is so weird, and I wanted to tell it somebody and yeah. Sorry for the spam :/
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thank you for sharing! you’ve been through a hell of a lot and you deserve to feel great about the way you look. i’m so happy for you!!

I was wondering if you could help me with this, basically I've had a friends with benefits situation going on with the a boy since I was 15, we're now both 19. We're unbelievably close but the problem is when we first started having sex I obviously wasn't educated enough to know girls won't always finish and it's not uncommon so I use to fake orgasm a lot. Now that we're older & a lot closer I don't want to lie anymore but I feel embarrassed to tell him. I think his pride will be hurt a little.
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just tell him what you told me and try to get you to that point together. it’ll still be fun to experiment with what works/doesn’t work for you. it might hurt his pride a little knowing that they weren’t real, but i’m sure he’ll understand and will want to make sure that you get there as often as possible. orgasm doesn’t even necessarily have to be the end of sex - as long as both partners are satisfied, that’s what matters.

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do you think it's weird to have a lot of body hair if you're a girl, bc i have some on my back and butt and pretty much everywhere. i didnt think much of it as i thought it's just the fact that it's dark coloured and shows up on my skin more, but someone made a comment on it and now i feel uncomfortable
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body hair is fine and completely normal - whatever you choose to do with it (if anything), is all up to you. i do think that girls are still expected to be completely hairless aside from what’s on their head. but that doesn’t mean that that’s the way you have to be or even should be. hair is natural! whoever gives you a problem about it can kick rocks and they’re not even worthy of seeing your body in all its glory at all.