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If you have a foul smell from your vagina, does that mean it's a serious STD?

not necessarily, it could just be an infection or a curable STD. but if left untreated, certain ones can cause pelvic inflammatory disease so you need to go get tested as soon as possible.

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is it a bad thing to use the summers eve deodorant?

using those fucks with your pH balance, which can cause an infection. they’re not really necessary anyway because your vagina is self-cleaning. i can understand why people would want to use them, though, especially after working out or when you’re menstruating. but all you really need is just some water from a nice shower or a wet paper towel.

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Ok so I know this question is stupid and I should know it, but if I have sex with a condom and it does not break or anything, is there any chance I can still get pregnant?

yes, there is always a slight chance because the only thing 100% is abstinence. if it didn’t break and you used a condom the entire time, i wouldn’t really worry about it, though.

When you respond to someone's non-anon question, would you want them to send you a thank you message or a follow up? Or would that clog your already busy inbox? Part of me wants to be a polite/normal person, but the other half doesn't want to bug you. :/

lol i definitely don’t expect thanks for every single question and you’d never bug me for doing so, especially since it’s a personal response. i live for the applause, obviously lol. i’m more bugged by people who don’t at least acknowledge that they received my replies to their text submissions since i take more time on them.

Does the First time hurts?




It shouldn’t. What women usually describe as having hurt during their first times is the myth of ‘hymens breaking’, but that doesn’t actually happen. The hymen is like a thin muscle and already has a hole in it that can be stretched without pain. If there is pain during penetration, it means that there hasn’t been enough lubrication, or the vaginal entrance or hymen hasn’t been properly stretched. Foreplay and lubrication is important! There doesn’t need to be pain!

okay but there CAN be pain even if you are well lubricated, relaxed, and aroused. the hymen is a membrane that stretches, and yes, it sometimes is painful, especially if you have never used tampons or masturbated using penetration. lots of pain definitely needs to be checked out. the posts on this website that it’s the partner’s fault you’re in pain, or that sex NEVER hurts strikes unnecessary fear in people that there’s something wrong with them or that their partners are to blame.

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lol the blasphemy

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Do vaginas smell even if there's no infection?

yeah, they all have a slight odor and that’s fine. it can also be changed by where you are in your menstrual cycle, exercise, etc. if it becomes foul/fishy, that’s when you need to get it checked out.

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