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Hi, I’m hoping you have some advice for me. I’m hung up on this guy I used to date about a year ago or so.

I lost my virginity to him at a party. I still love him deeply and have strong feelings for him. We dated for a brief moment. He ended up hurting me and was playing games with me. Like I said I still love him. we still talk and hangout but he doesnt know I still feel this way. I’m scared to tell him because i dont want to get hurt again like before and I don’t want to lose him. He told me before after we broke up he doesnt want a relationship because hes too young and he has time. that was a long time ago, idk if he changed his mind about that. What do you think? do i keep talking to him, stop, tell him how i feel? Thanks!

i think that you should tell him how you feel. it has been a year, so be prepared that he may not feel the same way. but since you’re still in each other’s lives as friends, you should be honest with him. then at least you’ll know whether or not you should move on from him entirely. if he feels the same way, take it very slowly until he proves himself to you that this time will be different and he has no intention of playing games. you’ll never know if you don’t ask, bby. if he doesn’t want a relationship or he doesn’t feel the same, then i think you should distance yourself until you’ve moved on, because you can’t truly be friends with him if you’re still in love with him.


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