so my ex and i broke up a couple months ago (we dated for 2 years) but we didn't entirely break things off until Jan, right now i'm still heartbroken but seeing him get new haircuts/clothes looking better are making me feel crappy as if i need to do the same. Theres a friend I can be fwb rn but my ex said maybe in a couple months like 6-7 we can try things again. do you think i should just go for the fwb for now? what if my ex judges me? im desperate for comfort, and idk if i should go for fwb

i don’t think you should go for the FWB, not because it’s wrong to have sex outside of a relationship, but because it will further complicate things with your ex and you’d be doing it for the wrong reasons. i think you’ll end up feeling more hurt with an FWB. it’ll satisfy you physically for the time you’re having sex, but emotionally there will be a hole and you’ll feel even worse because you truly just want your ex. six or seven months is a really long time for your ex to ask you to wait for him, i don’t think that’s fair. keep in touch with him, but try to pick up the pieces so you aren’t completely shattered if he doesn’t end up wanting to get back together. heal from your break-up (there are tips in our faq), be alone for a bit, and then decide what’s best for you.


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  • 05.February.2013
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