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Anonymous: The guy i am has a tattoo of his ex name on his chest. I recently saw when we were at the beach. We had only been dating for a month I don't know what to do. Don't know if I should a dress it or just leave it alone help pls

you should probably address it, but you can’t really make a big deal out of it. i’m sure he regrets it now, but tattoo removal is painful and expensive so there may not be anything he can do about it at this point.

Anonymous: Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year now, and her parents told her she can't date me when I turn 18. But she hasn't argued with them about it or tried convincing them to let her continue dating me, would you say she's moving on already if she's not fighting for our relationship?

most likely. i don’t completely understand why it makes such a big difference once you turn 18. i do think at that age, certain age differences can become a bit much, you usually are at different places in life (high school vs. college, high school vs. career) and of course, statutory rape may be a concern depending on where you live. but to be totally fine when you’re 17 and then forbid it the moment you turn 18 is strange.

Anonymous: I LOVE lingerie and making an effort to look sexy (unless it's a quickie ofc ;p ) but the guy I'm seeing isn't as into it as I am and I hate the idea that he's forcing compliments. Should I tone down what makes me feel hot because it doesn't work for both of us?

no, because it makes you feel better and that confidence makes for more enjoyable sex for both of you.

Anonymous: Is anal sex very painful? I'm a girl and I really want to try it but I don't want it to hurt.

in my experience, it’s not that bad. i mostly just feel sore the next day. but i can’t stress enough the importance of being relaxed and using plenty of lubricant. when you’re nervous or scared, your body and muscles tense up, which can make it hurt more. obviously, you also want a partner that is understanding and will be as gentle as you need them to be.

Anonymous: how do you have a safe threesome?

all partners should be tested for STI’s beforehand. this doesn’t totally prevent STI’s, though, because if there are penises involved, there’s no current test for men. use dental dams or cut open condoms for female oral. use non-lubricated condoms and a sugar-free flavored lubricant (or sugar-free flavored condoms) for male oral. you want to make sure that if it has sugar in it, you don’t use it for any penetrative sex because it can cause an infection. for fingering, you can just put a condom on your finger. switch condoms between each partner and between going from vaginal to anal. 

Anonymous: Me and my boyfriend have been together and want to do things sexually, but he has a 'problem', tight foreskin? What can we do, before his problem is sorted?

he should see a doctor. they’ll probably have him do stretching exercises like using lubricant to stretch it a bit or doing so in the shower. they may prescribe a steroid cream. but because that can make sex painful, he needs to get it checked out.

Anonymous: I think I'm allergic to whatever is in condoms because whenever my boyfriend and I have sex with a condom my vagina hurts and the outside is all swollen and red! But a day after it's fine until we have sex again! We never used to use condoms because I was in bc but I stopped taking it and now this just started happening when we use condoms.

you should see an allergist. if you use spermicidal condoms, it’s possible that that’s what you’re allergic to. in the meantime, try non-latex options like polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms.

Anonymous: is it bad that it hurts whenever i try to finger myself?

that’s normal. it’s important that you’re relaxed, aroused, and well lubricated before doing it.

Anonymous: If you lose your virginity to another virgin does it mean that your always going to be special to them in some way?

not necessarily. they have to view sex and virginity as special, too, and not everyone sees it that way.

Anonymous: Is it safe to have sex with a yeast infection if you're using a condom and treating yourself for the infection.

it’s not really recommended because it may be painful. plus, depending on what you’re using to treat it, it can interfere with your treatment.

Anonymous: Do you show your self on here

nope! obviously, i have nothing against it, it’s just not my thing.

Anonymous: can i ask for like good vibrating dildos to buy? i wanna get one but idk what kind to get and i figured you and your followers could send me in the right direction! so please and thanks

you could buy something like this if you’re looking for something more realistic. i prefer g-spot vibrators, like this, but obviously, you can buy whatever you want lol. you could also just do an amazon search and filter it by ratings. amazon will probably give you the cheapest results and doc johnson is a quality brand.

Anonymous: What does a vaginal orgasm feel like compared to a clitoral orgasm? Are they supposed to feel the same or not? Cause when I masturbate I have orgasms stimulated by my clit but when I have sex with my boyfriend I'm pretty sure I orgasm because I get really intense sensations but it feels a lot different than when I masturbate. Btw I've been following this blog for like...EVER and it's still my fave!

thank you!!

i personally find that vaginal orgasms are more intense, but that might not be the case for everyone.

Anonymous: My boyfriends cousin goes to college and he rarely see's her. When she comes around he has the biggest smile in his face, his attitude changes, and treats her like she's only girl in the room. Sometimes I want that attention also, but like I feel so weird about it. Like I'm jealous. Idk if I should tell him how I feel or just get over it? Can you help me /:

i personally think you should get over it. he doesn’t see her often, it seems like you hang out with him a lot, so just let him have that time with her where he should be focused on her. if you’re all hanging out and he completely ignores you, that’s different, but it doesn’t seem like that’s what he’s doing.

Anonymous: How would you feel about having sex with someone who self harms would it put you off or?

i would be very concerned about a partner that still regularly self harms and would want them to seek professional help so that they can develop healthier coping mechanisms. but it’s not a ~deal breaker and i wouldn’t break up with them over it.