20. love my nipple piercing; was worth the pain. also helped me to finally accept my lil boobs.

I was feeling sexy today c;

age: 19

Fun to tease~


Boyfriend and I after he was gone for a week. Also, first time we’ve experimented with taking pictures. I’m almost 21 and he’s 20.

Female, 21.

This is a picture my boyfriend took of me while we were just being silly. And I actually really liked it. I struggle with body positivity but am learning that it’s only about what I think about myself. So I love this picture.



It’s not very easy to love your body when your covered in stretch marks. The camera doesn’t pick it up but in real life it’s there. When he leaves in the morning he kisses my whole body and tells me how beautiful I am. Every single morning, he never forgets. I realized quickly that if someone could love me, my body so unconditionally then i can too. This photo is not supposed to be sleazy or a “thirst trap” it’s a symbol of me growing and learning to love myself.

This one’s for you babe, love you Keagan. 

22. Taking ghostly selfies helps me feel less invisible.

wow your photography is amazing!

19 (◕‿◕✿)

Me, 20 and my boyfriend, 23 :) 

 & mark4402

Sometimes tumblr leads to this.


18 years old.

Emily. 19. Pa.