Do you have any videos to teach me how to ride my boyfriend?

Do you have any really good links too three some M/m/f? Hah

here. again, sorry for the very little diversity, i just don’t like to watch much rough porn so i stick with certain types like x art, passion hd, etc.

Do you have any links to good m/f/f threesomes?

How do you masturbate with a pillow?

you basically just hump it, here.

do you like girl on girl? if so what are your fave vids?

that’s usually what i watch, though i don’t watch porn very often.

here and here. sorry for the zero diversity :/.

I'm looking for a good girl on girl porno. But my problem is I like the girls to have the alternative style(piercings,tattoos,dyed hair) do you know any good ones?

here. i might not be looking for the right things for this category, though.

Do you have a good link to a good guy/guy porn clip?


Sorry, guy on girl porn

this has always been one of my favorites, although the title is icky.


Here’s the blowjob video (with the happy ending!) that we promised after 200 notes on that picture. We hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. :)

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Simply Anal by Jerome Stuart Nichols

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Going Down: A Guy’s Guide To Oral Sex

[watch videos here and here]

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